Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Plotholder's comment 29/3/12

Sorry I won't make the meeting Monday - I'm back at work for a week. I'm going to start looking for somewhere (maybe even another allotment) where I can move my shed and raised beds and compost bins should the council ultimately dismantle my shed (I won't be doing it myself unless I think they're going to do it with a sledgehammer). In the meantime I'll continue planting and treat their ludicrous decision with all the contempt I can muster. I'm guessing in the light of this developement we're no longer talking about getting compost and boards brought on site.
As I see it we've no option but to carry on gardening. That sounds like it could be made into a film.

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  1. Please stop the bickering ,fighting and scheming .After all the plots are there for enjoyment ,leisure and relaxation . Both council and plot holders need to compromise and work together to prevent the whole project imploding .A relaxation of consent for erection of huts etc by the council would certainly take the heat out of the situation .Plot holders need to respect each others space .Some want to socialise .Others want peace and quiet to work the plot for their enjoyment and relaxation ..Please stop the petty playground behaviour and lets enjoy this facility for many years to come