Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Oatlands Gate to Independent Councillor

In your capacity as a councillor can you provide us with facts and statistics from the Council's consultation?

I have been involved at Oatlands allotments for the last 5 years and sat through GAF meetings where the allotment strategy for the Council was discussed many times. At no time, was the idea of refusing sheds mentioned.

Allotments without sheds have no structure and it is actually very difficult to identify where an individual plot starts and stops. The allotment site at Allers in East Kilbride is an example of this as some plotholders have threee plots but only one shed. Perhaps if you can spare the time you could visit this site and get back to us.

Mansewood allotments have now been given permission to erect their sheds. Why?

Bett Homes were recently in the top 3 for a regeneration in housing award. They were the only site in Scotland to have included allotments in their development plans. Surely, a major housing developer would not incorporate something which would deter house sales?

Glasgow City Council said: Since the inception of the Oatlands regeneration project, the inclusion of allotment gardens has been seen as an important feature of the development.

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  1. I am a plotholder at Allers Allotments. Your comments are inaccurate. Firstly, each plot is clearly defined and numbered. Secondly, there is no one plotholder with three plots. Thirdly, the Rules specify that greenhouses and sheds are allowed on the plots provided they do not shade adjacent plots and the Council has the right to restrict the size and number of structures on a plot. On what grounds are your comments based?