Tuesday, 3 April 2012

26 January 2012 - Letter from LES

I passed the Oatlands Gate site today and noticed that a plotholder was in the process of constructing a 4' fence and a shed on his plot. I asked who had given him permission to construct a shed and he said it was allowed and that the Council didn't bother about these things. I then advised that there were rules regarding the construction of greenhouses and other buildings contained within the Council's allotment rules ((2) 9.), and Oatlands association rules (item 2). There is also a large shed on site. To ensure that no more structures are erected without approval, could you please advise all plotholders that they must firstly put their application in writing to the committee, complete with design plan and measurements. The application should then be forwarded by the committee to me at Land and Environmental Services. LES will then give a decision on whether the application is approved. I have advised the plotholder that he will be informed in due course as to whether his shed is to remain, or be dismantled. I have asked him to remove the fence that he has started. However, not to pre-empt any LES decision, I must point out that sheds, glasshouse and high fences are not permitted on the new allotment sites recently created by Land and Environmental Services.

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