Sunday, 3 May 2009

May on the plot

We've had a busy holiday weekend and despite the forecast the weather has been good. Finally, got the potatoes in the ground and planted carrots yesterday too but that was after Robert finished his frame which had to be built, painted and covered in net curtains.....! I should have taken a picture.

Today, I planted beetroot, parsnips and turnip. Robert transplanted the broccoli and cauliflower. And, yes you've guessed it! He has a contraption to go with those too. He has stapled some netting to wood to protect the plants from the pigeons. We have also used old video tape to flap about in the wind (I would rather have a scarecrow). The video tape works quite well but you find it everywhere when it blows off or at the end of the season when you are dismantling it all.


  1. Hallo Folks, Grace Franklin of LOCAL NEWS here. Sorry I missed the phone call on Friday. I did go to the gardens today on the offchance I'd find someone there. But by the time I found the place it was well locked up and from the blogs I guess you all went home and straight onto the computer! I'll email the piece I've written on the basis of the info already sent, but I'd welcome some quotes and a person to quote. So hope to catch up with one of you tomorrow Monday or Tuesday back at work? Sincerely, Grace Franklin Editor, Local News, tel: 0141 226 4898. Mob 077 14 32 45 87

  2. Grace, you still have an open invite to visit the site but remember to mark our Open Day in your diary. Saturday 1st August. We hope to see you then.
    Thanks for your support.