Thursday, 23 April 2009


Planning to plant some flowers this weekend but I don't have any experience of flowers. I want a lot of colour for the summer so advice would be appreciated. I have sunflowers ready to go in but that's about it

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  1. Well, Robert built a frame yesterday with canes and string and we bought some sweet peas. Unfortunately, we left it to late to plant from seed but hopefully they will look good and the expense will be worth it.
    Also, transferred some lilies from pots at home into the ground and some strawberries. Decided to throw a few herbs in there too: chives, marjoram, pineapple mint, variegated mint (I think) and lavender and lemon balm too. Still to go in, I have a pkt of white variety of flowers and rhubarb chard. Will this give us plenty of colour and lovely scent over the summer? I hope so.